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Bahco Pruning Tools

BAH P114-SL-60 Lopper

BAH P114-SL-60 Lopper

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24" California style, vine orchard and shrub Loppers (Replacement for P14-60)

Bahco's Super Light Loppers are expertly designed to maximize comfort and productivity. Durable lightweight aluminum handles with soft grips and shock-absorbing bumpers reduce muscle strain and fatigue for increased safety and efficiency. Locking center bolt mechanism ensures blades stay aligned for continuously clean, precise cuts. The P114 lopper features a slim carbon steel cutting head that easily maneuvers tight, difficult to reach spaces. Slicing blade technology effortlessly cuts diameters up to 30mm/1.25in on soft and green wood without damaging the plants or blades.

Made in France

Cutting Capacity 30mm/1.25in

Length 600mm/23.5in

Weight 826g/29oz

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